Block - BLOCK BLACK ARCHERY TARGET - The BEST four sided archery target in the industry!

BLOCK BLACK ARCHERY TARGET - The BEST four sided archery target in the industry!


The BLOCK BLACK Archery Target comes in 4 different sizes:


BLOCK BLACK 16 - $89.99:    
Size: 16"x16"x12”
If you take your target with you for some pre-hunt practice, the B-16 is ideal.
It's lightweight and portable and easily packs in the back of the truck! 

BLOCK BLACK 18 - $109.99: 
Size: 18"x18"x16”
Lightweight and portable, the B-18 gives you additional face space for longer range shooting. The B-18 is also big enough for everyday, backyard shooting!

BLOCK BLACK 20 - $139.99: 
Size: 20"x20"x16”
The all-around BLOCK BLACK target, the B-20 is big enough for backyard shooting
and small enough to easily transport.
You'll appreciate the 20"x20" face.

BLOCK BLACK 22 - $159.99

Size: 22"x22"x16”
The ideal BLOCK BLACK for outfitters, deer camps or those who love to launch long-range shots in the backyard.
Its 22"x22" face gives you plenty of target to shoot at!



Open Layered Polyfusion Technology

Easy Arrow Removal!
Fusing the internal layers to the inner target wall results in more uniform layer compression which, in turn, means easier arrow removal. And, easier arrow removal means less shooter fatigue, which means you'll get more and better practice!
Longer target life!
PolyFusion™ also results in longer target life. Because the foam layers are fused in place, they hold their position. Arrows find their way between layers. Previously, when an arrow hit a layer head-on, the layer would buckle. This resulted in layer damage that reduced target life.
STOPS ALL Broadheads & Field Tips!